Exercises in style


Murano Street, Glasgow, June 2021
A shop space, turned studio, turned gallery space, turned studio again.

A comb turned on its head, space added on either side by more carving, now triangular, a paper kiln, the stripes vertical. Resembling a tent. A container. As of course a dress is a container too. Like a striped Marimekko dress turned paper kiln turned black smoke trace on clay.

Shapes formed in hand, vessels lined up, fired, re-fired, adding rose tints, surface changing, risking destruction. Photograph coloured in dye and earl grey tea. The money plant’s rebellious curl flattened straight with an iron. Ironing is used for dresses too, and occasionally paintings on walls.

Crayons for children’s art lessons in school no longer in use – the 4 year old who shares a birthday with the potter coloured the flyer. The coloured crayons baked in the oven, now a shelve. Her age is our time measurement for the length of our exhibition conversation.

The rhopography – the detritus – elevated to a print, a photograph, hooks on an image, hooks to hold up an image, a piece of brass.

Disinfectant spray to wipe the surface.
Upon arriving, keep a safe distance and help yourself to hand sanitiser.